TKC, Inc. Founder
Angela Heath founded TKC Incorporated after working over 20 years as President of a successful consultant practice producing award-winning strategies, solutions and information products that have been distributed nationally. After years of chasing money, however, Angela found herself exhausted, bored and longing for live life with meaning.

Suddenly her life took a dramatic turn. Her12 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia, money was short and time was even shorter and she know she could no longer survive trading hours for money.

Eventually, she closed her consulting group, leaving a work life of bondage and stepped into a life work of freedom. She re-packaged her creativity and skill set and focused on where her natural talents, experience and passion intersects in the marketplace. Now she teaches others how to find and package their own profitable,mid-life opportunity.

As a nationally-recognized expert on family caregiving issues, she continues that work by helping corporations expand their customer base and develop a pipeline of loyal evangelists. 

Now, she does work she is passionate about, lives the lifestyle she loves and helps other companies and individuals soar in the process. 
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