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Do you target the senior market and want to increase your market share? Your company is leaving money on the table if you are not connecting with family caregivers. Caregivers influence and actually purchase many of the goods and services needed to help seniors with limitations. Connecting to the Caregiver Market guides your company to:

  • Test concepts and creative treatments through the use of online and in-person caregiver research panels.
  • Train your staff on the how to capture, nurture and provide exceptional customer service to  the family caregiving market. 
  • Launch a popular info-tainment experience that combines entertainment with marketing through education to uniquely position your product or service. 


Many professionals over 45 find themselves unemployed, under-appreciated at the office or simply bored doing the same work after too many years.  However, when you have a flight path to direct you, it is easier to soar. TKC Incorporated guides baby boomers to make money using what they already know: 
  • Becoming - How can you express your unique value in the marketplace and who will pay for it? Figuring out how your talents, skills and passions converge to meet market demands can be hard work. This two-part webinar takes the mystery out of the discovery phase to uncover your top two mid-life opportunities and several options for pursuing them. You will learn proven techniques of the becoming process that will cause a radical mind-set shift needed to show up as who you were created to be.
  • Limitless - A five-part course that combines video classes and conference calls.  Simply click on the link to be connected and dial the conference call number.  The technology does the rest.  This course covers tips for a radical mind-set shift, an in-depth discovery process - (what can you offer in the marketplace); validation steps without spending all of your time, energy and money (remember your money making concept is not valuable until someone buys it); how to accomplish more by doing less; hot seat exercises - where your instructors and peers provide feedback for next steps; and, ways to save yourself some time, effort and money.  By the end of the course, you will have a renewed way of thinking and a validated business concept that you can offer in the marketplace.  As a bonus, you will also learn about the Fastest Pathways to Cash to start making money sooner rather than later.
  • SOAR - This eight week accountability group is designed for business owners who want to fine tune their business that needs systems, processes, leads and clarity.  Business owners will focus on creating sales funnels, perfecting sales techniques, networking with purpose, putting growth strategies in place, delegation on a dime and much more. 


The CARE Act requires hospitals to identify, support and train family caregivers. This legislation has passed in 38 states as of April 2017. Is your hospital ready? Our Caregiver Friendliness Assessment Tool for Hospitals ensures that operations from admissions to discharge planning comply with the CARE Act. The recommended strategies and tactics that result may increase the caregiver's capacity to comply with medical orders and consequently lead to a reduction in hospital readmission rates. TKC Incorporated helps to manage your relationships with family caregivers by providing education and coordination of follow up care. Let us incorporate family caregiver policies that broaden your patient-centered approach and positions your brand identity in the community.  

TKC Incorporated helps baby boomers thrive and positions companies that market to them.
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