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TKC Incorporated builds business opportunities in 2 baby boomers niches... 
caregiving and lifestyle entrepreneurship

WHY? For three reasons:

1. PROVEN RESULTS - Our founder and strategist, Angela Heath, is a gerontologist as well as an accomplished speaker, trainer and author who has studied the baby boomer generation for 20 years. Not only that, she has produced numerous award-winning programs, engagement campaigns and professional and consumer resource materials. She built the business around her expertise and our clients reap the rewards.

​2. MARKET DEMAND - There are 43 million family caregivers in the US. A recent survey estimates that this market will grow 13% to a $279 billion opportunity in four years. Many businesses such as hospitals, senior housing, medical suppliers and senior services can capitalize on this demographic reality by converting these influencers and purchasers. TKC Incorporated provides insights about this market niche and can position your brand to capture sales, comply with the CARE Act and develop brand loyalty.

3. LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENURISM - It is apparent that the marketplace is not adequately addressing the "mid-life opportunity" many baby boomers face due to unemployment or a deep desire to pursue life purpose. The tremendous growth in e-commerce prospects allows boomers to make extra money on their own terms.  However, the cookie-cutter approach created by young internet experts frustrates most boomers who did not grow up in the digital era. Most, are willing and able to learn new skills if instruction is systematic starting at the beginning. TKC Incorporated coaches and trains baby boomers to monetize what they already know while living the lifestyle they choose. Join our Facebook Group for more information.

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 we take privacy very seriously. 
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May 18, 2017 
Silver Spring, MD